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Classrooms Without Borders

Online Pedagogic Support

Upon return from the Europe or Israel trip, participants are encouraged to include Israel related lessons in their classes. Classrooms without Borders will make available a variety of lessons compatible with the schools existing programs in social studies and the arts.

Teachers will also have access to online consultation for fine tuning their own lesson according to specific needs and interests.

Optional sessions with scholars via web conferencing (Skype or similar) can also be created for enrichment and professional development of teachers.

Our Services:

Individual direct contact with CWB alumni to created the lesson plans you can easily incorporate into your existing programs.

Since the support centre works virtually, we are available on CWB site, e-mail and Skype, 24/7. Just let us know how we can best serve you.

We offer:

  • Brainstorming
  • Primary resource retrieval - tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you
  • Ideas for tech integration for a more engaging learning experience
  • Instructional design - turning your thoughts or journal into fun, inspiring lessons
  • Anything you dreamed of creating in your class and never dared to ask
  • We would love to post and share anything you tried and worked well
  • A choice of model lessons just to get you started on your Israel related curriculum

About Tali Meir

Tali Meir was born on October, 1971 in Haifa, Israel. She spent her teenage years in Montreal, where she had graduated Bialk high school. Following her retutn to Israel, she served in the IDF between 1990-1992.

Tali graduated her B.A degree in Geography and World History in 1995, from Haifa University and her M.A studies at Alma College in Tel Aviv, majoring in Hebrew culture.

Since 1998, Tali has been heavily involved in various elearning ventures, both in Israel and worldwide.

In 2005, she founded Talico LTD. as an instructional design company, addressing the needs of educational, academc and corporate markets.

Tali has one daughter, born on august 2007, named Roni. They live at kibbutz Hannaton since 2009. At her leisure, Tali enjoys gardening, swimming and sea kayaking.