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Classrooms Without Borders

Connecting teachers and learners though experiential education and international travel

Our mission is two-fold:

Strengthening Holocaust and Israel Education—By connecting teachers and scholars through experiential professional development travel seminars, Classrooms Without Borders immerses participants in foreign history and culture in order to become more impactful in the classroom.

Inspiring Educators and Students—By promoting universal human values of diversity, altruism, forgiveness, courage, respect and faith in humanity, Classrooms Without Borders teaches the past and present in order to create future change.


We seek to be recognized as an effective provider of experiential education and professional development opportunities for educators and scholars in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Wheeling, West Virginia, and Akron, Ohio.

Strategic Goals

To accomplish our Mission, we will:

  • Develop pre-travel workshops to provide context for Study Seminar destinations
  • Integrate multidisciplinary lessons and units into classroom instruction
  • Connect the lessons of the Holocaust to international current events
  • Use international travel as a medium for the study of diversity
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation amongst Study Seminar participants
  • Deepen teachers' content knowledge of global issues such as the Israel/Palestinian conflict, genocide and religious strife
  • Imbue participants with values and beliefs that encourage empathy for contemporary issues

Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • Experiential learning brings learning to life and life to learning
  • Recognition and understanding of other traditions inspires cross-culture tolerance and respect
  • International study tours create an environment of open minds and open hearts
  • Collaboration and communication among participants creates a world of classrooms without borders