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Past Events

**FULL** The Last Partisan, Aron Bielski in Pittsburgh!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Holocaust Center
826 Hazelwood Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Free and Open to the Public
***FULL*** Please contact Melissa@classroomswithoutborders.org

Classrooms Without Borders presents Aron Bell, the last surviving Bielski brother, from the real life story depicted in the biographical film Defiance.

Tuvia, Asael, Zus, and Aron Bielski were four of 12 children born to a miller and his wife in the rural village of Stankevich, near Novogrudok. The only Jews in a small community, they had connections within and outside of the Jewish community and quickly learned how to look after themselves. Before long, the older brothers developed a fearsome reputation. When Hitler's plans for Eastern Europe disrupted life for the Bielskis and their Jewish neighbors in Belarus, the brothers sought refuge in the woods where they had spent time as children. Asael and Zus, who were hiding together, set about finding safe homes for a dozen or so of their surviving relatives, including their youngest brother, Aron. While the Bielskis' principal focus was saving the lives of fellow Jews, the brothers moved quickly to build a fighting force to strike back against the Nazis and their supporters.

This event is co-hosted by The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh

Mr. Bell will also be speaking publicly at the Cranberry Township Public Library Conference Room 24 APR 2017, 6-8:00 PM. 
For more information about Mr. Bell's tour in Classrooms Without Borders' partnering schools please contact: melissa@classroomswithoutborders.org.
Source for Bielski background: https://www.facinghistory.org/resource-library/resistance-during-holocaust/bielski-brothers-biography

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