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Classrooms Without Borders

Past Events

A Hidden Child in Greece: an evening with Dr. Yolanda Avram-Willis

Sunday, September 17, 2017
4:00 pm

Crystal Room, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral
419 South Dithridge, Pittsburgh, PA

Free and open to the public, $23 charge for book purchase (optional)

Even though most of Greece's Jews were murdered in the Nazi "Final Solution", Hitler's savagery was dealt a humiliation as Greek Christians hid, transferred, and otherwise protected as many Greek Jews as possible. From the National Resistance to Archbishop Damaskinos, regional bishops, clergy, civic leaders and simple families, nowhere else in Nazi-occupied Southern Europe was there so much effort in protecting and saving Jews from the inhumanity of the Nazi regime and its philosophy.

Dr. Avram-Willis is a survivor of the Holocaust in Greece. Her book recounts her life, her family, and her family's dramatic passage from a certain death to rescue and liberation. This book is not just about the story of the Avram family. Rather, it tells of the gentle Greek citizens who helped them as well as the Greek Christian and Greek Jewish partisans who resisted the Nazi occupiers. The book, through the living testimony of Dr. Avram-Willis is an additional, modern contribution to the as-yet-incomplete canvas of a humanitarian canvas of Greeks who sided with humanity and morality, and ultimately triumphed.

The event is open to the public. Books will be available for purchase, on site. Please have the exact amount of $23 in check or cash. After defrayment of publisher's charge and Pennsylvania taxes, remaining proceeds will be donated to the sponsors and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

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