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Classrooms Without Borders

CWB Programs stand out because:

  • We empower our educators and students to experience history deeply, personally, and intellectually;
  • We create people to people encounters between our teacher/student participants and change agents in Israel and Europe;
  • We cultivate a community of dedicated educators who learn together and share insights. This cross-fertilization of ideas promotes educational excellence;
  • We enable our participants to intensify their exploration of their field of expertise;
  • We challenge our teachers and student to examine and grapple with moral and ethical dilemmas facing other societies;
  • We help our participants integrate their experiences into the classrooms upon returning from the travel seminar

Our participants return to their professional environments energized, inspired and motivated to translate what they learned and experienced to their students.

What our participants have to say…

I knew little about Israel before the study seminar. Thanks to the trip, I now have thousands of images and memories that begin to hint at the many Israels. Israel, like many places on earth, is many things to many people. We were exposed to present day realities from the many people we met and Avi’s thoughtful understanding of the past and present. In contrast to the historical Israel is the Israel of the present, prospering greatly economically and culturally, while suffering the pains of being on and off at war, we were able to see the everyday Israel through the eyes of the family we stayed with. We were touched by our hosts’ generosity and moved by their anguish at having their oldest son, a soldier, stationed in Gaza.

Barry Shields / Teacher / Penn State Greater Allegheny/University of Pittsburgh Greensburg
Inside Israel: A Study Seminar to Israel

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